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The Berkshire County District 1 Highway Superintendents Association was organized in 1979 by a group of Highway Superintendents and Vendors to help other Superintendents become more versed in highway matters.

When the Association was formed, District 1 consisted of 40 Cities and Towns. In 1996 the State re-structured the Districts and we grew to 56 cities and Towns that are in Berkshire, Franklin, Hampshire, and Hamden Counties. We feel there is a wealth of knowledge and experience that can be shared within the Association.



There are many benefits that the Association offers to 

Highway Departments in District 1:

  • Training / Meetings; Valuable knowledge and training is shared at our meetings.
  • State Aid; Provide education,  assistance and updates with the required paperwork and forms for the Chapter 90 program, Strap and PWED Grant programs.
  • Lobbying; For the good of all Cities and Towns for roadwork funds.
  • Scholarships; Active highway members; son/ daughter or grandson/ granddaughter are eligible for scholarships.
  • Product information; The latest products and services available and their applications.
  • Annual Equipment Show; Free tickets to active Highway Departments and their Towns, Select boards, Mayors, Finance Committees.
  • Website; Access Town contacts, Industry contacts, Legislative contacts, Legislative updates, Forms, and Helpful information in one easy place


Board of Directors and Past Presidents


Officers 2019-2020


  • PRESIDENT: Bill Decelles Town of Lanesborough 
  • VICE PRESIDENT: Justin Russell Town of Peru
  • SECRETARY: Gerald Coppola Ret. Richmond
  • TREASURER: William Elovirta Ret. Becket
  • ASSISTANT TO THE SECRETARY & TREASURER: Christopher Bouchard Town of South Hadley
  • DIRECTORS: ; Curt Wilton Town of West Stockbridge,Chris  Lemione Town of Williamstown; Charles "Chip" Dazelle Town of Huntington; John Hoppe Town of Russell; Harold “Huck” House All States Materials Group; Craig Willis White Wolf

Past Presidents


Alan Sykes 1979-1980 Lenox

 Thomas J. Callahan 1980-1981 Dalton

 William Elovirta 1981-1982 Becket

 Michael Bunnell 1982-1983 Peru 

Maurice Brazie 1983-1984 New Marlborough

 Warren Anson 1984-1985 Egremont

 Peter Leidt 1985-1986 Russell 

Robert Johnson 1986-1987 Alford

 Warren Anson 1987-1988 Egremont

 Gerald Coppola 1988-1989 Richmond 

James Pease 1989-1990 Worthington 

Gerald Coppola 1990-1991 Richmond 

James Pease 1991-1992 Worthington 

Patrick Galliher 1992-1993 Hinsdale 

James Heinrich 1993-1994 Blandford 

Patrick Galliher 1994-1995 Hinsdale

Charles Waterhouse 1995-1996 Plainfield 

Warren Anson 1996-1997 Egremont

 Craig Willis 1997-1998 Washington 

William Decelles 1998-1999 Lanesborough

 William Decelles 1999-2000 Lanesborough 

Patrick Galliher 2000-2001 Hinsdale 

Ernie Nugent 2001-2002 Worthington 

Rick Galliher 2002-2003 Hinsdale 

Scott Park 2003-2004 Williamstown 

Mike Smith 2004-2005 Heath 

Mickey Sharkey 2004-2006 Russell 

Skip Savery 2006-2007 Middlefield 

Curt Wilton 2007-2008 West Stockbridge

 Ron Radwich 2008-2009 Peru

Christopher Bouchard 2009-2010 Otis

 Skip Savery 2010-2011 Middlefield 

Maynard Forbes 2011-2012 Monterey 

Brad Curry 2012-2013 Blandford 

Ed Lord 2013-2014 Sheffield 

Curt Wilton 2014-2015 West Stockbridge 

Charles "Chip" Dazelle 2015-2016 Huntington

Chris Lemoine 2016-2017 Williamstown

John Roughley 2017-2018 Dalton

John Hoppe 2018-2019

William Decelles 2019-2020 Lanesborough



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