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New OSHA standards

In the absence of specific standards, the Department of Labor Standards has been charged to ensure that all public sector employees (municipal, county and state) enjoy the same OSHA protections as those in the private sector. Compliance with the OSHA Standards will in most cases ensure compliance with the intent of Chapter 149 Section 6, which states that DLS shall investigate places of employment and determine what suitable devices or other reasonable means or requirements are necessary for the prevention of industrial accidents or occupational diseases.

Massachusetts Workplace Safety and Health Program

The mission of the Massachusetts Workplace Safety and Health Program (WSHP) is to prevent job-related injuries and illnesses among the Commonwealth's public sector. 

Our vision is a Commonwealth where preventable workplace injuries and illnesses are eliminated. To accomplish this, we perform inspections to promote effective health and safety management in the Commonwealth's public sector . To bring long-term change to fruition, we educate and support workers, employers, advocates and decision-makers in health and safety standards which protect workers from preventable harm, and in the methods necessary to ensure that these standards are followed in the workplace.

Inspections are conducted based on the following (in order of priority):

  • Imminent danger conditions
  • Accident and fatality investigations
  • High-hazard activities as evidenced by worker's compensation rates
  • Complaints and referrals (may not result in site inspection)
  • Follow-up inspections
  • Random programmed inspections

List of Services (provided free of charge to any public agency in Massachusetts)

  • Accident Investigation
  • High hazard investigation
  • Complaint follow-up
  • Voluntary safety and health inspection (a free, no penalty consultation visit)
  • Ergonomics training and assessment
  • Bloodborne pathogen training and program assessment
  • Lead safety training
  • Asbestos sample collection and analysis (under certain circumstances)
  • Workplace violence prevention program management review
  • Periodic training on various hazards (check the schedule for current offerings)

At one time another, all cities and towns will likely be dealing with us due to an accident, illness, complaint or a programmed inspection.  We would be happy to discuss with your members, in advance of any eventuality, the merits of our Workplace Safety and Health Program for Public Workers.



EPA issues final MS4 stormwater rules


Governor signs $200M Ch. 90 local roads bill


In Memoriam

Francis R. Bush, Jr., retired Williamstown Highway Superintendent and a past Vice President of the BCHSA, passed away on November 5. Fran led an active life following his heart transplant 22 years ago, which he received after travelling to Boston during the blizzard of 1993.


Peter Leidt, retired Russell Highway Superintendent & Treatment Plant Operator passed away on January 14. Peter had served as President and Secretary for the BCHSA.


Ernest W. “Ernie” Nugent, retired Worthington Highway Superintendent, passed away on January 11. Ernie was a past president of the BCHSA.


Western Snow and Ice National Roadeo Finals results.

The two teams from MA have done very well at the National Finals . The Town West Stockbridge finished 17th and the City of Brocton 24th out of 48 of the nations best snow and ice operators from acroos the country. Great job teams.

west stockbridge movie



Steve Lyons from OSD is holding meetings about the current salt contracts. We have included the powerpoint presentation and pricing info. If you have a MOU with OSD and have any problems let Steve know right away.

VEH95 Buyers Event - Becket 8.18.15.pptx

VEH95 2015-2016 Awarded Pricing.pdf

Charity Golf Tournament 2015

This years Charity was Wounded Warrior and over $5000 was raised Thank You to all who supported this years event by sponsoring a hole, playing or making a donation. A great day was enjoyed by all who attended.


Snow Days Article


Website updates

We have been updating the website from your imput and requests take a look around many new forms and links for you to use and explore.

Snowplow Roadeo History 


Scholarship Winners

2014 Scholarship Recipients

Important Weather Event News from Kathy:

Town Maps

Fed Aid-District 1 Map

I'd just like to remind everyone that if your Town incurs any damage due to weather events to please contact me, leave a message, email me, call me directly...I'll be looking for Town Roadway Length Damage, Estimated repair costs
There are times when Federal monies MAY be applicable for additional funding.........................

Kathryn A. Stevens
Massachusetts Department of Transportation
District One State Aid Engineer
270 Main St. Lenox, MA 01240
fax (413)637-0309


Highway Superintendents updates:

Sandisfield- Steve Harasyko has left to go back into the private sector he is replaced by Bobby OBrien.

Washington- Dave Fish has stepped down and he is replaced by Tom Johnson who has moved up.

Lee- Matt Larson has moved up  and replaced Dennis Kelly who retired.

Heath- Mike Shattuck has moved up and replaced Mike Smith who retired.

Tyringham-Noah Chocquette has moved up and replaced Les Bebe who retired.

Sheffield- Ed Lord has retired and Ron Bassett will fill in interm.

Peru- Dale Weeks has retired and is replaced by Justin Russell who previously worked for Dalton DPW.

Adams- Joe Bettis has left and has been replaced by David Nuvalle



Berkshire Group Purchasing FY16 bids

FY 16 Bid Awards

FY16 Awards

FY2016 Award Memo (2).docx

Contact info for group purchasing;






Scholarship Forms