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Baystate Roads Program "LTAP"

Welcome to the Baystate Roads Program. Established in 1986, the Baystate Roads Program is a cooperative effort of the Federal Highway Administration, Massachusetts Department of Transportation, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The program provides technology transfer assistance to all communities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts under the direction of Program Manager, Christopher J. Ahmadjian.

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Mass Highway Driver Skills Event

July 13th and 14th, 2016 tentatively , location TBD


National Driver Skills Finals

September 28th-September 30th 2016 in Loveland Colorado

Driver Skills and Training aka Snowplow "Roadeo"


2015 Joint Roadeo Berkshire County and Tri County Highway Associations

On July 16 2015 the Berkshire County and Tri County Highway Associations joined forces to hold their events on the same day at the same location. Thank you to the 9 teams that competed at the joint event. A Big Thank You to Patriot Freightliner / Western Star for hosting the event at their Westfield location and providing lunch. Thank you to Baystate Roads for all of your help with scoring, advertising the event  and all of the pictures. A very big Thanks to all the judges that help in judging the event with out you we could not get it done.

2016 Event Photos


History of Berkshire County Snowplow Roadeo

Every July the Association in partnership with Baystate Roads Program sponsors the annual Driver Skills and training event

July 16, 2014

Thank you to all the Cities and Towns for sending and supporting your teams in this training event. I would like to thank the Town of Hinsdale Fire Dept. and Highway Dept for hosting our event at their location. I also would like to thank the Baystate Roads Program for their support in registering, promoting, classroom training and written testing of the teams. Thank you to all of the teams for making this event a success. I could not do this without the help of all of the judges, Board of Directors from the Association, Town of Becket, Mass Highway Assn. and Towns that send highway employees to help. This year we had 9 teams and even though Mother Nature made a last minute change to the course due to mud conditions but the rain finally stopped, we had a number of first year teams and welcome, after reviewing the written test and circle check results and watching the teams in driving portion I am very happy to see that we have well trained, safety oriented Road Crews in Berkshire County. I am happy that this has turned into a great training event with a little competion to make fun. Great job! I look forward to seeing the first and second place compete against the other 6 County Highway Assn. teams at the MHA finals in Sept. We will do the awards at the October meeting. Thank you for all of your support with this event, if you have any suggestions please let me know.

The Mass Highway Association has committed the funds to send the top  team from the MHA finals to compete at the national finals in Colorado this year. Lets see if Berkshire County can represent us in the national finals!

July 17,2013

John Lyford and Jamie Boyer from the West Stockbridge Highway Dept. holding their 1st place plaque, presented to them by Chris Bouchard, Committee Chair, and the Boss Curt Wilton, Berkshire County Hwy. Associations’ 2013 Driver Training Skills (Snow Plow Roadeo) held on July 17, 2013. They both went on to the MHA event in September in Fitchburg and placed a very respectable 2nd place. Congratulations to you both!

Grader Class in Otis 2012

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