Berkshire county highway superintendents assocation




A Message from the President

Greetings to all the members and vendors of The Berkshire County #1 Highway Superintendent’s Association.

Hello and welcome to all. First of all I would like to thank everyone from the association for all you do and also to all of our vendors for their support.

Jerry and Bill have been a great support keeping this association going throughout the years. Chris is doing a great job with the rodeo. I would also like to thank Kathy Stevens for the support with state aid she gives us all. Kathy has been keeping us going on both ends from getting approval to getting reimbursements back to the towns.


Thanks to the Governor for Chapter 90 funding and the extra pothole funds we have received for the past 2 years. I know the tax payers think we do not do much in our jobs but we have one of the most important jobs in town, without us planning to upgrade roads and keeping them plowed and sanded and maintained there would not be much movement around from the public, Police, Firefighters to the Ambulance. Also our family's, time when we spend away to keep everyone else going, holiday's, birthdays epically in the winter months.

While we are all pushing for more Chapter 90 money in a multi-year contract, we are still moving forward and if we can get the general public to do the same we hopefully will reach our goal.


Our jobs are taking more and more time in the office for paper work, applying for grants or trying to get the finance committee's and select boards to help us get more money, and I would like to thank them all also.


 The prevailing wage is hurting our small town budgets, while I sympathize with the unions it is our tax dollars that does not go far for the little jobs of $ 50,000 or less, also with the hiring of Police officers to do details for local jobs it hurts the tax payers.


 If anyone thinks of a topic for a future work shop please let us know.


Respectfully submitted


Chip Dazelle



Officers 2015-2016




Alan Sykes 1979-1980 Lenox
Thomas J. Callahan 1980-1981 Dalton
William Elovirta 1981-1982 Becket
Michael Bunnell 1982-1983 Peru
Maurice Brazie 1983-1984 New Marlborough
Warren Anson 1984-1985 Egremont
Peter Leidt 1985-1986 Russell
Robert Johnson 1986-1987 Alford
Warren Anson 1987-1988 Egremont
Gerald Coppola 1988-1989 Richmond
James Pease 1989-1990 Worthington
Gerald Coppola 1990-1991 Richmond
James Pease 1991-1992 Worthington
Patrick Galliher 1992-1993 Hinsdale
James Heinrich 1993-1994 Blandford
Patrick Galliher 1994-1995 Hinsdale
Charles Waterhouse 1995-1996 Plainfield
Warren Anson 1996-1997 Egremont
Craig Willis 1997-1998 Washington
William Decelles 1998-1999 Lanesborough
William Decelles 1999-2000 Lanesborough
Patrick Galliher 2000-2001 Hinsdale
Ernie Nugent 2001-2002 Worthington
Rick Galliher 2002-2003 Hinsdale
Scott Park 2003-2004 Williamstown
Mike Smith 2004-2005 Heath
Mickey Sharkey 2004-2006 Russell
Skip Savery 2006-2007 Middlefield
Curt Wilton 2007-2008 West Stockbridge
Ron Radwich 2008-2009 Peru
Christopher Bouchard 2009-2010 Otis
Skip Savery 2010-2011 Middlefield
Maynard Forbes 2011-2012 Monterey
Brad Curry 2012-2013 Blandford
Ed Lord 2013-2014 Sheffield
Curt Wilton 2014-2015 West Stockbridge